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December 27, 2010
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You woke up to light streaming through your window. Your eyelids fluttered open, and you heard the delicate sizzle of breakfast being made. Through the door, you could hear Alec's muffled humming. You again felt Kid's kiss on your forehead, and you couldn't help but have a smile curl on your lips.

You yawned and gave a pitiful look to your now-crumpled dress. Silently, you scuffled out of your bedroom, muttering about how your feet hurt from those darned heels yesterday.

In the kitchen, Alec's back was facing you. As always, he was working aggressively at the pan as he whipped up some bacon and eggs. He didn't turn his back to address you with a joking remark.

"Morning, sleeping beauty. How was your beauty sleep? Going to pay even more attention to it now that you've got a boyfriend around?" His aggresive arm motions hesitated, and Alec turned to face you with his signature grin.

You rubbed your eyes and smiled softly. "He isn't officially my boyfriend, Alec. And I'd prefer you not go around saying that!!"

"I think I just might, now that you said that." Again, without looking, Alec kicked open the trash can and flung a few egg shells into it. Lord, he was a cooking pro. And then there was you, who you joked to everyone could set fire by trying to pour a glass of milk.

"You better not, Alec. You should know better seeing as I've got some great things to tell Kim."

Alec's head whipped around. "You wouldn't dare."

You smiled sinisterly, throwing your feet onto the kitchen table as you sat back nonchalantly in your chair. "Baldwin you KNOW I would."

He laughed. "I know you would, but not to me anyway. You love me too much."

"I do, hon'." You smiled as Alec set  your breakfast in front of you. "Thanks for making this for me. I woke up so late, you really didn't have to do this!"

Whatever your partner was about to say next is lost, because at that moment your apartment door flung open.

The Thompson sisters stood heaving in front of you two. At first they looked rabid, but when their eyes landed on you, they're countenance turned to absolute delight.

"SIQRUSE!!!" Patty screamed, throwing her arms around you. Liz plodded over to the table, an excited "Big Sis" smile painted onto her pretty face.

"What the heck did you DO to him, Siqruse??" Liz asked.

"Yeah! Kid's actin' all weird!" Patty giggled, her hand in front of her face in that cutesy way of hers.

You had no idea what they were talking about. "Wha—Huh?!"

Liz and Patty smiled at each other. "Kid came home last night and fell asleep on the couch he was so tired, so we didn't get to talk about the date. But this morning, he was in such a daze he didn't even hear me tell him that his shirt collar was uneven. He keeps sighing and staring into space. What'd you do?!?"

You could feel your face turn crimson red. "Well… uh… not what I did really, more like what he did… He kind of… kissed me on the forehead?" You looked up shyly.

Liz and Patty stood in shock, staring at you as if you'd committed a crime.

"In the middle of my forehead, so it was symmetrical…?" For some reason you thought adding this would help.

Still they were standing silent.

Then Patty and Liz squealed so loud you thought your ears would bleed.

"HE DID WHAT?!?" Liz and Patty jumped up and down in delight, holding each other's hands.

You couldn't help but laugh giddily and squeal with delight as well. Liz and Patty were playing Big Sister, getting so excited over her first date. Of course, kissing a girl on the forehead seemed merely impossible for the limits of Death the Kid, so the Thompson sisters were brimming with happiness that their partner finally found someone he liked.

"Well phase two of our plan can be checked off, sis!" Patty laughed.

You looked at the sisters confusedly. "What?"

Liz exchanged a glance with her the younger Thompson. "Ever since you came to the Academy, Kid's been practically obsessing over you. I'm surprised you didn't notice. Patty and I were talking in my room about a week after you came, Siqruse, and we set up a sort of…" She smiled at Patty, "…Plan, to get you and Kid together. Phase 1 was getting you guys on a date. And now, phase 2 is done – getting him to kiss you!"

Patty raised a finger. "Somewhere NOT on the lips though. That's number 3."
The tenth chapter to my Kid x You fanfiction. Dumb doesn't let you write reader-as-character stories, SO it's on dA.

Sorry it took so long! I've been DISGUSTINGLY busy. It was only until *sweeneytoddluvver12 kicked my lazy arse that I got this done. XD lmao

I don't own Kid. Or Maka, Soul, Tsubaki, Black*Star, etc. They are (C) Atsushi Ohkubo

Siqruse, Alec, etc. are (C) Me, Crystal Cooper

:iconpweaseplz: Comment, favorite, whatever!!!

Ch. 9: [link]
Ch. 11: [link]
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